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As a retired rocket scientist from Aerojet, I have worked out a conceptual process that uses waste carbon dioxide and lime to make a clean carbon naphtha slurry from coal that contains sulfur.The coal-naphtha slurry is shipped by pipeline to a fossil-fuel-fired power plant.The power plant's carbon dioxide is captured by amine treatment and returned to the coal mine where the slurry is produced by the same pipel;ine.

I have been studying the reactions of carbon dioxide for the past ten years and have found that:

1. The Bosch Reaction produces carbon from carbon dioxide and hydrogen but unfortunately the market for carbon black is limited to tire pigmentation

2 The Sabatier Reaction produces methane from carbon dioxide and hydrogen but unfortunately there is a super-abundance of natural gas which is what methane is

3. The Reverse Water Gas Shift Reaction produces synthesis gas from carbon dioxide and hydrogen . Heretofore, synthesis gas has been limited to methanol and Fischer-Tropsch hydrocarbons, but recently a method to make butanol by fermentation of synthesis gas has been found.

4. The Boudouard Reaction produces carbon monoxide from carbon dioxide by reacting it with a carbon source such as coal and I have found a method that use it to produce a clean fuel from coal.

I need two things: 1.A partner with facilities for development of the process, and 2 Capital for commercialization of the process.

Will you help me to develop the process?



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Sacramento, CA 95827

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